Wound Springs

We manufacture all types of hot wound and cold wound coil springs including compression, extension and torsion and wire forms. We manufacture in a variety of alloys that include piano wire, stainless steel, and 5160. Our specialties are hot wound springs in alloy steel with bar sizes from 0.500 up to 2.50 inches, and cold wound springs in wire sizes from 0.06 to 0.625 inches.

In both hot wound and cold wound springs, we have the capability to meet or exceed commercial tolerances. We are ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

Custom Coil Springs & Wound Spring Design Services

We can manufacture from sample spring or blue-print. We offer exact replacement, but can also modify a design to suit your needs. Design modifications include:

  • Raising or lowering nominal load heights
  • Increasing or decreasing load ratings or spring-rate
  • Redesign to reduce stresses, increase spring life and improve performance

We also offer custom designs where critical dimensions and work-loads are known.

Custom Spring Testing & Finishing

We have a complete testing facility to allow us to check operating stresses, load-rates and fatigue life. We also offer a variety of finishing services, including:

  • Pre-setting springs to reduce premature sagging and increase spring life
  • Hot-peening to decrease stresses and increase spring life
  • Custom finishes including bare, enamel, or powder coated, in many colors
Compression Springs
Compression Springs

A compression spring is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially. Compression springs are usually coiled as a constant-diameter cylinder.

Extension Spring
Extension Springs

Extension springs are springs which absorb and store energy by offering resistance to a pulling force. Various types of ends are used to attach the extension spring to the source of the force.

Torsion Spring
Torsion Springs

Torsion springs, whose ends are rotated in angular deflection, offer resistance to externally applied torque. The wire itself is subjected to bending stresses rather than torsional stresses, as might be expected from the name.


We have a large inventory of oil tempered steel wire, stainless steel wire and alloy steel bars to handle orders on short notice, regardless of size.

Cone Crusher Spring
Cone Crusher Springs

In order to prevent damage to a cone crusher, large springs are used to put downward pressure on the upper frame. We manufacture these large springs, which allow the liner half of the cone to rise and prevent damage.